Bhoot police movie Review

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Storyline of bhoot police after watching it

So this movie was released on the 10th of September 2021. from the beginning, it seems a comedy horror movie Saif Ali khan and Arjun kapoor are two Fake babas. saif is just a fake person in this movie but arjun Kapoor is sincere (Chiku) had a diary of his father who gave him while dieing. in that diary, mantras are in Code form. So Arjun kapoor has always been guilt about their fake work but saif understood him that in this fake world you have to be a little bit clever. but after some cases, they got a case which was once solved by his father but the ghost has come again. So yami gautam was the girl of that case in which ghost scare their people. Now both gone to Yami Gautam’s place but Arjun kapoor decided that this time they will not cheat and they will surely help her.

Jacquline is sister of yami gautam and did not belive in ghosts and also hates Arjun kapoor and Saif Ali khan. but as story moves, it was known that the ghost was just pranked from Jacquline just because she wants to live in London with Yami Gautam, and yami gautam was not agreed with it because she had a tea factory of her past father and she wants to run this factory. latter Saif knew that she pranking her sister she is no ghost. Now saif deals with Jacqueline for not telling this plan to yami gautam saif to include in this prank

but once saif and Arjun reached to forest and saif broke a pot where the ghost was trapped once by his father so now ghost came and scare everybody later this was solved by Arjun Kapoor and also saif had believed in ghost


So this movie looks good because it has a fusion of horror and comedy too. so over all the character act well but at my point of view i think a another actress should be in place of yami gautam because she does not suit in this movie.

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