Flack season 2

Anna Paquin returns as Robyn in the recently-released Season 2 trailer for the Amazon Prime original series Flack. The first season dove headfirst into Robyn’s high-stakes career as a self-sabotaging publicist — one who is called upon when her clients find themselves in dire (and not so publicly friendly) circumstances. Robyn is sharp and knows how to think on her toes, but can she manage her career as personal drug and sex addictions continue to seep in through the cracks?

Season 2 picks up where season one left off — after Robyn’s career and personal lives come crashing together. Will she be able to mend the relationships she has destroyed? And, let us not forget she has fired her eager and compassionate intern, Melody (Rebecca Benson).

As Robyn and her team work together to keep their clients’ scandalous escapades under wraps, Mills Paulson PR faces never-before-seen conflicts that could change the corporation forever. Head honcho Caroline (Sophie Okonedo) will be left to make decisions that could change the PR world for the foreseeable future — all while models, politicians, TV hosts, and more require daily wrangling. Paquin celebrated the upcoming season on Twitter, writing “May I present the official trailer for #FLACK S2 in all its fucked up glory. Coming to @PrimeVideo JUNE 11th.”

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