The Capture Season 2 Cast:

See the cast of the series The Capture below.

  1. Holliday Grainger as DI Rachel Carey
  2. Callum Turner as Lance Corporal Shaun Emery
  3. Daisy Waterstone as Abigail
  4. Nigel Lindsay as DSI Tom Kendricks
  5. Tommy McDonnell as Matt
  6. Sophia Brown as Karen
  7. Famke Janssen as Jessica Mallory
  8. Cavan Clerkin as DS Patrick Flynn
  9. Ben Miles as Commander Danny Hart
  10. Laura Haddock as Hannah Roberts
  11. Ralph Ineson as DCI Alec Boyd
  12. Barry Ward as Charlie Hall
  13. Ron Perlman as Frank Napier
  14. Ginny Holder as DS Nadia Latif
  15. Paul Ritter as Marcus Levy
  16. Alan Williams as Eddie Emery
  17. Lia Williams as DSU Gemma Garland

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